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Why The World Adores T-Shirts

Why The World Adores T-Shirts

Just as much a staple to our wardrobes as socks or jeans, t-shirts have transformed into probably the most ubiquitous item in American fashion and culture. Who would’ve thought this apparel originally designed as an undergarment would influence the global fashion, create its own industry, and change self-expression forever?

The History of T-Shirts

This simple garment that has been so deeply ingrained in cultures globally was first manufactured not too long ago. Since it was largely meant to be worn beneath one’s “actual” clothes, the t-shirt was very seldom regarded as an article in its own right.

Towards the end of the 19th century, laborers would halve their jumpsuits to cool their bodies in warmer months, and the garment was later commonly seen worn by veterans after World War II. The first-ever t-shirt was manufactured between 1989 and 1913 during the Mexican-American War when the U.S. Navy issued them as the standard undershirt. Even then, it took until an entire century after in 1920 for the term “t-shirt” to be included in the English dictionary, thanks to F. Scott Fitzgerald. He was the first person to publish the word in his novel, This Side of Paradise.

The Rise in Popularity of T-Shirts

Even with their new name, t-shirts remained as undershirts until the 1950s rolled around when Marlon Brando wore a white tee in A Streetcar Named Desire and markets exploded with a demand for the style. A few years later, A Rebel Without a Cause featured James Dean who rocked the t-shirt as a fashion statement on and off the big screen. The look was officially in for good.

Along that timeline, companies in Miami, Florida began experimenting with garment decoration, a Republican presidential candidate created perhaps the first-ever slogan t-shirt for his campaign, and later, Tropix Togs, a printing company, got hold of the original license to print Walt Disney characters onto t-shirts. Businesses began to realize the profit to be made in printing graphic t-shirts, especially with innovations in the print field coming along.

The ‘70s was when the garment emerged as something revolutionary with the rise in popularity in rock bands and fans expressing their musical inclinations and affiliations across their chests, together with protests against the Vietnam war.

The Major Role of T-Shirts

The fluid nature of t-shirts plays a part in their wide appeal. It is seen as a blank canvas that can be casual wear or high fashion, disruptive or unassuming, depending on how you style the look.

The same goes for their unique ability to convey a message. So effective were graphic t-shirts as a form of expression that in 1973, it was dubbed as ‘the medium for the message’ by The New York Times.

Simply wearing a t-shirt became a statement in itself – going against conformity and the status quo. Embracing individuality and authenticity. Some even go as far as to say that in its purest form, it is the most democratic garment.

Why Choose You Apparel?

At You Apparel, we create t-shirts that express your personality, and we’d love for you to spread your message to the world. If you have any inquiries about our line of products, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

October 30, 2021 — Alex Melen
What Your Mug Says About You

What Your Mug Says About You

Mugs have evolved from simply hot beverage vessels to creative expressions of what their owners closely identify with. Regardless of your morning beverage of choice, the chances are high that you have a favorite item from which you fuel yourself. It may seem insignificant, but your mug personality speaks volumes of your lifestyle, identity, and true, inner essence.

Mug Personality Number One: The Motivational Mantra Mug

Is your mug adorned with an inspirational quote from a wise philosopher that speaks to your beliefs? Or maybe it features a portrait of a role model along with their life motto. It’s crystal clear, you’re a hustler who gets up before birds start chirping to get things done. Time is money. Friends turn to you for advice on everything from their love life, career, and skincare tips, to what they should have for dinner. You’re a multi-tasker with a swirling cloud of chaos that travels with you wherever you go. Coffee is your gasoline. You run hard and fast but as soon as that mug is empty you are going to crash hard – that is, until the next pot of coffee is brewed.

Mug Personality Number Two: The Travel Mug

Commuting is a drag and caffeine is vital to get your day started. You spend virtually every second of the day in meetings that could’ve been emails while attacking the ever-growing mountain pile of work on your desk. But through all the hectic moments, everything is alright because coffee is always there for you, it picks you up when you’re down, and most importantly, is there to keep you company wherever you go, even if it’s a little cold sometimes. If that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is.

Mug Personality Number Three: The High-Tech Mug

You are obsessed with gadgets and serious about coffee. A high-tech coffeemaker is probably sitting on your counter as you’re reading this. Why are more people not making use of this cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to keep their drinks hot for hours and make their lives easier? The only thing you love more than your miraculous self-heating mug is presenting to everyone around you why it will change them forever.

Mug Personality Number Four: The Wacky Mug

Are you burned out? You don’t hate your job, but there are parts of it that drive you up the wall. Life is on autopilot. However, what gets you through the day is the fun interactions you have with your co-workers in between tasks, and your favorite beverage in your wacky little mug. Whether it tells a joke on it or features a print of your favorite meme, it shows that you’re a well-liked, easy-going fella who doesn’t take life too seriously. There are so many things you’d like to say out loud but don’t because you don’t know if these people can take your jokes.

Why Choose You Apparel?

For many people, mugs have become an extension of one’s arm whether you enjoy your coffee at home or work. At You Apparel, we help customers express their individuality with mugs, t-shirts, and more. If you have any inquiries about our range of products and services, do not hesitate to contact us today!

October 27, 2021 — Alex Melen
Three Amazing Features Of Tote Bags

Three Amazing Features Of Tote Bags

It seems like no matter where you live these days, you will walk past people carrying tote bags. It has become an increasingly popular choice due to so many reasons, but the majority of tote bag owners would agree on these three amazing features to be some of the biggest reasons.

Tote Bags Are Extremely Versatile

With its best qualities at the center of its design, a tote bag is one of the very few accessories which manages to combine practicality with style so effortlessly, making it endlessly useful. Many people think of a sturdy tote bag as the perfect beach bag when planning a fun day out with friends. They’re bigger than purses and can easily fit everything you need for some summer fun – beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, beach mats, water bottles, a change of t-shirts, along with a few snacks.

If you like the feel, look, and size of your tote bag, nothing is stopping you from using it regularly as your everyday purse. A large leather tote bag makes for a great minimalistic and smart work bag too. Simply fit your daily essentials into your tote and sling it over your shoulder, as you would any other handbag.

To fully utilize its versatility, other purposes you could use it for include bags for electronics, gym sessions, travel, and home storage.

Reusing Made Simple with Tote Bags

The durability of a quality tote bag should not be understated. Most of them are designed to last anyway, with the ability to withstand years of use if taken good care of. Just like any other bag, ensure you aren’t lugging around items that are too heavy for it to carry, and you’ll most likely find that it will be serving you well into the future.

With no specific use-case, a tote bag can be used for endless occasions and events, formal or casual, depending on how you style the look. If you’re interested in cutting down on your plastic usage when going for your weekly grocery shopping with the family, a dedicated groceries tote bag comes in handy as an alternative! No matter the tote bag, you can rest assured you’ll always get your money’s worth. Due to their durability, you can certainly reuse your tote bags to your heart’s content.

Huge and Spacious Tote Bags Provide an Easy Carryall

These things are large openings with parallel handles. They serve as an easy carryall, for those busy days spent shopping or running errands. At the same time, most aren’t too big to carry to a dinner date with friends. A great tote bag should be spacious enough to comfortably fit every item you may need for the day – sunscreen, a laptop, books, gym clothes, and a large water bottle, but it should also be able to double up as a day travel bag, especially structured ones with a sturdy base.

Why Choose You Apparel?

Show off your individuality with us! At You Apparel, we create tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, and more that express your personality, and we’d love for you to spread your message to the world. If you have any inquiries about our line of products, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

October 26, 2021 — Alex Melen

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