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Funny t-shirt quotes are becoming increasingly popular in recent times which is equally profitable for t-shirt printing companies and retailers. As such, we have collated a list of t-shirt quirky quotes to help you come up with some t-shirt printing ideas for your apparels. This article is just for reference, and we have no intention whatsoever to offend anyone. Hopefully, you will laugh your way through this page while getting the ideas that you have been looking for.

Are You Searching for Funny T-Shirt Quotes?

You must have gotten some ideas ready by now but perhaps you are not that certain whether your quotes are considered funny or just plain offensive. Each quote will come across differently for different people when the quote is read rather than spoken out loud. Some quotes may seem funny from the surface but they convey a different message when spoken. Hence, just refer to what we have put together here for inspiration to help you generate some ideas for your own t-shirts.

Alcohol and Laughter

Alcohol is often associated with having a good time, thus creating moments that are filled with laughter. People often have a better sense of humor after a drink, and this is the reason why comedians prefer to do stand-up shows somewhere their audience can have a drink or two while watching their skits. Here are some quirky t-shirt quotes related to alcohol and laughter:

  • To Wine, Or Not To Wine?
  • The Grape Depression
  • Are We Drinking Tonight? A) Yes
  • Albert-Wine-Stein
  • Not Enough Cheese For All Your Wine.

A Touch of Irony

Some people may find themselves hating on everything. This is perfectly fine and is one of the many moods we may experience on some days. Ironic quotes are popular because they are cynical yet can cause others to crack a smile or two. Here are some ideas:

  • Don’t talk to me. Ever.
  • If you’re reading this, stop.
  • Go away…Faster.
  • Sorry, I’m bad at people-ing.
  • Sorry I’m late. I didn’t wanna come.

Funny Foody

Food can be a touchy matter for some. There are people who have certain restrictions which others may not find amusing and vice versa. These are some calorie-dense t-shirt quote ideas you can consider:

  • I could eat you, or you could go.
  • Be afraid, or feed me.
  • I don’t share my food.
  • Pizza understands me.
  • That’s too much cheese. Said no one, ever.

Family Fun

Nobody fights quite like a family. Family squabbles offer some true insights into how family members interact with one another. At times, these situations offer some good laughs that we can all relate to sometimes. These are some family-related quotes:

  • My brother still wets his bed
  • Like my sister, only better.
  • I’d rather be with my family than go to work. Kidding.
  • Some moms cuss too much. I’m some moms.
  • This is not a dad bod, it’s a father figure.
With so many quirky quotes that we have shared and plenty more, feel free to create your own merch to showcase your individuality.
September 03, 2021 — Liz Savage