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It seems like we will be donning face masks for a while, which is all the more reason for you to offer variety into your face mask collection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has started making recommendations for people to start wearing face masks again when going about their daily activities outdoors – even after they are vaccinated – as the Delta variant has caused a surge in COVID-19 cases. To help you come up with ideas for face mask designs, here are some inspirations that we have gathered.

Mask-Wearing the New Norm

The vaccine is largely effective at preventing a trip to the hospital due to COVID-19. Breakthrough cases are rare, but they do still happen and are most likely contagious. Wearing a face mask today as a civilian has become the new norm so as to be socially responsible. The best face masks to wear should consist of a double layer mask made of a breathable material that offers a close face fit. The mask can either be made of cloth or disposable. N95 face masks are favored by essential workers and healthcare professionals which are also another option for the public that offers higher protection.

Fabric Face Masks

Designers worldwide have been in the fabric face mask game for so long. Celebrities have been seen donning designer face masks from as early as before the mandatory mask-wearing regulation was imposed. Though their designer face masks are most likely not CDC-recommended, they do support the celebrities in showcasing their individuality especially when attending mega events like award shows. There are also some designers who have turned their business model around to include mask-making as part of their core production. Some have also turned to teaching the public on how they can make their own masks at home through DIY tutorials.

Fashion Accessory

We must bear in mind though that face masks are not a fashion accessory. There are certain safety guidelines that we must follow to ensure that the face masks we choose do really serve their main purpose which is to provide protection against the spread of COVID-19. It is, however, not surprising that majority of people still prefer to wear face masks that are aesthetically pleasing before factoring in the preventive benefits that their masks really offer. Below is a selection of stylish face masks that we have gathered to give you some inspiration on your next purchase.

Printed Disposable Face Masks

You can still choose aesthetically pleasing face masks that are disposable. There is a wide selection of patterned disposable face masks to match your daily outfit with ease. There are different colors and designs to choose from to suit your individual preferences.

KN95 Disposable Face Masks

KN95 is China’s version of the FDA-approved N95 which offers protection against external carcinogens and provides a snug facial fit. KN95 is mostly sold in a variety of solid colors but there are online sellers distributing patterned KN95 which is a disposable face mask.

Fabric Reusable Face Masks

Fabric reusable face masks offer plenty of designs and colors. They are also considered as economical as they are washable and reusable. Today, buyers can expect to shop from a variety of materials that are used to manufacture reusable face masks.
September 03, 2021 — Liz Savage