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Young people on tactical gun training classes. Shooting and Weapons.

Recent surveys show that almost 40% of Americans own guns or live with someone who does. Many of them believe that owning a gun will help protect themselves and their families, but there are also people who oppose the need for owning guns due to violence. No matter whether you are a gun-lover or not, you can check out the list below for five creative gifts for gun enthusiasts.

Personalized Ammo Storage Box

Your gun-lover friend would definitely have their own ammo storage box, but why not elevate their style and cool-factor by gifting them a personalized ammo storage box which has their name or initials engraved on it? The box can also be used to store any other personal items besides just ammunition.

Gun Safe with Biometric Function

If there are young children in the house, it is definitely not wise to leave your gun exposed where they could have access to it as unwanted accidents can happen. Choose a biometric gun safe for your friend to store their firearms in a safe manner. With a fingerprint scanner, you can forgo the need to use any keys and open the safe quickly during emergencies.

Gun Love Tee

Gun lovers can unite by professing their love for guns on daily apparel such as the Gun Love Tee from You Apparel. The shirt is unisex and made of soft cotton, perfect for expressing yourself by wearing them everywhere. It also comes in various colors such as black, green and blue, which are perfect for matching with other coordinates.

Handgun Mug

Bring your gun into your office or workplace, not literally, by getting a special handgun mug which has a handle in the shape of a pistol. If you have a friend who is fascinated by guns, this gift will definitely please him or her as the mug will be a well-loved functional item at home or at work. This stylish mug is sure to attract lots of interest and compliments.

Handgun Ice Cube Tray

Fancy some handgun-shaped ice cubes in your drink during summertime? Why not get a special handgun ice cube tray for the gun-obsessed friend, and he or she can also use them for ice popsicles, chocolate molds or even frozen yoghurt? This is a great idea for people who also enjoy being in the kitchen, and nifty for the current pandemic season where most of us are staying at home.

If you are looking for something simple for your gun-lover friend, and not too over-the-top, your best shot is to get the Gun Lover Tee from You Apparel. Check out our other expressive t-shirts with unique slogans for different groups, including families, women, black people, and Christians. We have t-shirts in affordable prices to inspire your daily attire. Our comfortable apparel is shipped within 3 days, and complete with an exchange policy if the product is damaged or sent wrongly. Head over to our website today!
September 03, 2021 — Liz Savage