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Black History Month: Making A Statement With A T-Shirt

Every year in February, we commemorate Black History Month to reminisce achievements and recognize the present contributions of African Americans. Today, we celebrate Black History Month in schools and at work. We use this instance to recognize the affluence and affliction of black history, including the achievements, pride, legacy, culture, and deliverance. Without a doubt, every individual is unique in their way. Every one of us has equal rights, regardless of our ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, religion. Read on to behold the remarkable nascence of Black History Month and how we are approaching it at the present moment. More than that, we also share with you how a statement t-shirt for Black History Month can make a difference.

The Origins of Black History Month

The birth of Black History Month dated back to 1915. The distinguished historian, Carter K. Woodson instituted the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History together with the minister Jesse E. Moorland, in recognition of the accomplishments of Black Americans and other humanity of African descent. 

Publicly known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History today, the association declared a national Negro History week in 1926 to recognize the contributions of the Black community to the United States history. Many leaders and academies began acknowledging the week after its creation.

Half a century later, President Gerald Ford officialized Black History Month paying tributes to the often disregarded contributions of Black Americans in every part of United States history. 

Black History Month Today 

Over the years, several countries including Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and United Kingdom have joined the United States in honoring the Black community and their contribution to culture and history.

Today Black History Month pursues the discussion of the Black community and their contributions through projects such as film screenings and museum exhibits. Many enterprises, leading brands, and celebrities are also dedicated to recognizing Black people. One of the most prominent movements, Black Lives Matter, is a powerful reminder that universal human right is an ongoing campaign embraced by more and more people in the world.

Making a Statement With A T-Shirt

The statement t-shirt about black folks seems to be having a resurgence. Major retail brands are merchandising tees and accessories with bold statements to promote equal rights for Black people. Celebrities are supporting black pride across their chests. What has made the humble t-shirt emerge as such a trendsetting force? A t-shirt is unprejudiced by itself, only able to metabolize the meanings we bind on it. Statement t-shirts empower us to be bold and loud without uttering a word. We do not need to apply for permission nor wait for a chance to speak. Wearing a t-shirt that speaks our mind allows our sentiments to be heard just by looking at us. It is an appeal to racial and social harmony.

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December 15, 2021 — Alex Melen