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Cool Ways To Rock Your Favorite T-Shirt

We all have that one favorite t-shirt that hangs in our closets. Since we fancy that clothing most of the time, we even forget how many times in a month we have been wearing the same. Well, nothing's wrong with that. If you are really into that t-shirt and you want to use them a lot, all you need to do is change the look now and then. Make them look like cool t-shirts when you rock them using some of the most fashionable ideas that are listed down below.

Plain and Plaid Combinations

If you have chosen one of your favorites from a collection of women's t-shirts, the next thing to do is to pair it with something fabulous. A plain t-shirt goes well with a plaid skirt. Up the combination a bit by using statement shoes. With this idea in mind, you will definitely have that cool look to rock the t-shirt.

Use a Bustier with the T-Shirt

If you want rock glam to be your mood for a party, then you will not go wrong using a bustier layered on top of a white t-shirt. This goes well with a pair of jeans and high heels, and even sneakers if you feel like it. Choose from your cotton-jersey t-shirts and you are good to go with this outfit.

Dress in Style

By this, we mean wearing that favorite t-shirt of yours with a fancy dress. You can choose from your favorite printed cotton t-shirts and wear one under a dress. Wear that casually when going to the mall, or when taking a walk down your most visited part of the countryside.

Nothing Goes Wrong with High-Waisted Pants

If you are a fan of high-waisted pants or mid-rise straight pants, then now is the perfect time to put it into good use. This goes well with plain tank tops, in any color that you want. You can wear it to a casual reunion with high school friends, or on a date at a nearby café.

Mini-Skirts Keep Things Cool

Rock the favorite look by wearing a mini skirt with those cool ankle boots while using a t-shirt on top. You can choose to wear your hair down or put it in a high bun, depending on the occasion you are wearing the ensemble to. It won't hurt to accessorize the look with some bangles for a more urban feel in your outfit.

Get Your Trousers Ready

What can be the best way to wear a t-shirt with trousers? Some of you might find it uncomfortable to tuck in your favorite t-shirt when wearing one. Don't worry because if you really want to look cool, it is easy tucking that t-shirt out with this pairing. Gingham pants are good to go with simple statement tees.

Be Rugged and Feminine at the Same Time

Have you ever heard of the beautiful idea of wearing a contrasting skirt with a t-shirt, and putting your sneakers on right after? Go crazy by wearing print on print too. Go for that animal print satin skirt, then have that printed cotton jersey t-shirt ready as well. Distressed leather sneakers are good for this combination.

There are still plenty of choices for you who are looking forward to wearing that same t-shirt most of the time. At the end of the day, what makes you feel comfortable is what matters. Don't mind what others say about your look.

September 21, 2021 — Alex Melen