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Five T-Shirt And Jeans Outfit Ideas For Your Next Movie Date

Some people tense up with the idea of being asked out on a movie date. Even the party who took the courage to ask the other person out feels the same tension. From choosing the movie to the clothes to wear, everything has to be perfect. For those of you who want the date as casual as possible, why not go for the usual t-shirt and jeans outfit instead? That way, you will be more comfortable with your ensemble. There are classic choices for men and women alike when it comes to t-shirt and jeans pairing. Here are 5 ideas that you can include in your list as well.

Add a Coat and Platform Shoes to Your Outfit

This takes casual get-up to the next level. Choosing to bring out that cool coat of yours that you haven't used for quite some time, and pairing them with platform shoes will keep your date's eyes on you. It brings that sense of confidence that means you are there to enjoy the date. It makes the classic outfit more modern, too.

Go for Heels with Your Tucked-In Shirt

If you are an avid fan of the classic t-shirt and jeans pairing, nothing will ever go wrong with it. Go out in style with someone who asked you out, and create a good impression. Now is the time to go for heels to pump the ordinary look a bit. Tuck the t-shirt in your jeans, and up your style with a blazer in case it gets cold inside the movie house.

Wearing White Blazers Are a Good Idea

Whether you are wearing those sleek mules, or have those sports shoes out of the closet to come easy with your classic outfit, it will not be a bad idea to wearing blazers as well. Keep it plain and simple with your white blazer, if you have one, and you will definitely look as chic as you have always wanted.

What About a Utility Jacket?

Sneakers go well with the classic outfit too. Add to that, you just want to layer the look with a utility jacket. You will look cool if you do so. Wear a crew t-shirt, go for the cotton jacket, and a straight-cut pair of jeans to make the occasion even more casual.

Statement Coats Are In as Well

If you are more of the skinny jeans type of girl who loves wearing oversized t-shirts on top, then you can up this outfit a bit with your choice of a statement jacket. That bold coat goes well with ankle boots too. Make heads turn once you decide to wear this combination.

With all these choices, who would ever say that t-shirt and jeans are plain boring? Adding some layers to the casual combination will surely make it more fun than you expect. This is great not just when going out on movie dates. You can use them for other occasions like family gatherings, and out with friends.

September 21, 2021 — Alex Melen