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How To Wash Your T-Shirt Without Ruining Its Color

Was there ever a time when you bought a colored t-shirt, only to be dismayed that you won't be able to wear them for a long time because they have faded after a few times of using them? Have you ever wondered what went wrong in between those times? One of the culprits to the problem is the way you have laundered the t-shirt after you use them. You no longer have to worry about the same thing again once you read the tips on how to wash your t-shirt with the assurance that you will keep its color after every wear.

Make Sure the T-Shirts Are Turned Inside Out When Washing Them

Whether you are an avid fan of black-colored t-shirts, or you go for some other dark hues in the color spectrum, this washing method will do you a lot of help. Take note that this is especially important when you are entrusting your dirty clothes to a washer. As the washer does its job of removing sweat, odor, and dirt that got stuck in your shirt when you use them, it also makes sure that the entire thing is done rougher than you think it goes.

Turning those colored shirts inside out will be the best idea. This just means that the inner part receives all the grunt and brunt from the machine. That mechanized force is the same reason why colored clothes fade out easily. Don't worry because even when you do so, all areas of the clothes receive the cleaning that you want them to.

Forget About Stain Removers

Stain removers, like bleach, leave traces of yellow over the clothes. Despite being known to do away with the toughest stain, they will leave your t-shirt looking old even after just one wash. They contain harsh chemicals that are designed to get rid of those stains. It won't hurt testing the product on a small area of an old t-shirt to see if it works without affecting the color. But it is still better not to use one on your t-shirt collections.

Cold Water Is Best

You might be fascinated by the idea that hot water will help disinfect clothing, but that won't work if you want your t-shirt to always look as good as new. Keep the idea for washing cloth diapers, bathroom towels, and the sheets. For your colored t-shirt, using cold water will do. This will also keep your t-shirt from shrinking.

Let the T-Shirt Hang Dry

Regardless if it is sunny or rainy out there, do not bet on the idea of using the dryer to let your t-shirt dry. Apart from making those bright and dark colors fade, this can also destroy the overall quality of your t-shirt. It is best to hang t-shirts on a clothesline, but make sure they don't get direct sunlight since this can impact the colors. You can also leave them dry in your bathroom, but only after you have used the shower and the area itself is no longer humid.

Whether you love that custom t-shirt, or you have spent fortunes buying one, you must always bear in mind that the tips above will make it go a long way. Wash it accordingly and you will be able to keep it hanging in your closet for years to come.

September 21, 2021 — Alex Melen