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In days of yore, t-shirts were reckoned as casual home-wear or for sports events. Over the years, the tables have turned; t-shirt is no longer just staple attire, it has metamorphosed into one of the most sought-after fashionable apparel.  Design trends are constantly evolving. Today, t-shirts have become the creative outlet for people to express their attitude, personality, and style. There are novel creations and there are some trends making comebacks, let’s dive right into the t-shirt design trends for 2022!

Anime T-shirts

Anime is the heart of Japanese culture. Its popularity has grown abundance in the West over the recent years owing to its unconventional nature. Japanese anime has snapped the tradition that anime is just for kids! Teens and adults are smitten by anime too. T-shirts with anime graphics will remain a strong runner in the list of t-shirt trends in 2022. 

Retro Vintage T-shirts

Another staple in the t-shirt trend terrain, nostalgic retro vintage designs prevail as a well-loved t-shirt trend. From text jokes to amusing images, retro style is pleasing and appealing to many. As its street credibility grows, more creativity and imagination have been put into the design. 

Puns T-shirts

In modern times, people like to be witty and incorporate some humor into their everyday hectic life. Classic puns are usually expressed in written form. However, combined with whimsical illustrations, pun t-shirts can be utterly hilarious and original.

Axolotl T-shirts

This adorable Mexican salamander’s eccentric yet funny appearance wins over the heart of children and adults! We can see it everywhere, plushies, cushion covers, and t-shirts! If you’re jaded of sloths and pandas, axolotls are awesome as your next favorite animal t-shirt.

Pixel Art T-shirts

In the vein of retro, pixel art has made a strong comeback. It enkindles intense nostalgia feelings and they look super cool as well! With some creative ideas for pixel art designs paired with the right text, this design trend can go a long way.

Message T-shirts

Message t-shirts have been consistently on the list of yearly design trends, simply because of the strength of their message. Whether it’s humoristic or for a cause, the concept of message t-shirt is the freedom of self-expression. This popular t-shirt design trend is particularly effective if your tee is advocating for a cause or social movement.

Pastel Colors T-shirts

Pastel colors used to be targeted at young female audiences or more allied to cute. Newfangled t-shirts designs with modern hues of baby blue, mint, pale lilac, and delicate pink have since captured the hearts of others too. While pastel colors t-shirt might not burst into the mainstream, it will certainly be a viable t-shirt design in 2022.

Nature Elements T-shirts

With the population increasingly leaning towards environmentally-friendly lifestyles, t-shirts with nature elements will conquer the world of t-shirt trends in 2022. Leaves textures, seasons, and vivid botany, the t-shirt designs with nature elements are boundless.

The sky is the limit when it comes to t-shirt designs. From Mother Nature to anime, in all the lovely color tones, t-shirt lovers will have plenty to choose from in 2022. 

December 15, 2021 — Alex Melen