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The Best Materials For Producing T-Shirts

What is the first thing that you look for when you are buying themed t-shirts for you and your family? Would it be the price for a set or the print that goes on it? Regardless of the type of t-shirts you are looking for, always remember that certain fabrics are considered the best materials for t-shirts. These dictate how long the t-shirt will last in your collection.

Since you certainly won't want to compromise on quality, you need to check on the fabric that is used to make one. Remember that the design becomes more effective depending on the fabric that is being chosen to produce it. Look good and feel good wearing unisex t-shirts, but take note of the best materials that offer a balance between comfort and durability.


Cotton is a favorite material among t-shirt manufacturers all over the world. What makes it so nice is the fact that it is soft, comfortable, and breathable, making it perfect for casual wear. It has different types ranging from combed cotton to organic cotton. The latter is the most expensive type of all because it is free from chemicals and pesticides, at the same time sustainable and eco-friendly.


Making it to the list of most used materials for t-shirt manufacturing, linen is loved because it is lightweight, and sourced out from natural materials. It is not a favorite among custom t-shirt manufacturers, though. It has that moisture-absorbing quality and like cotton, it is also breathable.


When compared to cotton and linen which use natural fabric for production, polyester is more on the synthetic side. This makes it a popular choice for t-shirt manufacturers in the sports apparel department. The material is perfect for that dry feel after playing your favorite sports. It is also breathable, and is not prone to shrinking, even with multiple washes.

This fabric is also good for those in the transfer printing business. It can readily pass the design from a special kind of plastic or paper before transferring it to the garment itself. Once done, you will love how the design attaches to the fabric.


The name itself will make you think that this is made with a blend of polyester and cotton. Well, that is true. Poly-cotton offers the best of what both natural and synthetic fabrics can offer. It is cheaper than t-shirts made out of 100% cotton. T-shirts made from this blend are not prone to shrinking, even when washed for many times.


The fabric classification is a combination of three fabrics, namely cotton, rayon, and polyester. All these materials put together means that the end product makes up for the disadvantages that all three fabrics have. It balances comfort, endurance, and style with polyester's durability, cotton's softness, and rayon's lightness.

Now that you are familiar with the best materials used in t-shirt production, it is high time to look for these on the tag. Make sure you follow the wash and care instructions that come with the t-shirt so that you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

September 21, 2021 — Alex Melen