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What Your Mug Says About You

Mugs have evolved from simply hot beverage vessels to creative expressions of what their owners closely identify with. Regardless of your morning beverage of choice, the chances are high that you have a favorite item from which you fuel yourself. It may seem insignificant, but your mug personality speaks volumes of your lifestyle, identity, and true, inner essence.

Mug Personality Number One: The Motivational Mantra Mug

Is your mug adorned with an inspirational quote from a wise philosopher that speaks to your beliefs? Or maybe it features a portrait of a role model along with their life motto. It’s crystal clear, you’re a hustler who gets up before birds start chirping to get things done. Time is money. Friends turn to you for advice on everything from their love life, career, and skincare tips, to what they should have for dinner. You’re a multi-tasker with a swirling cloud of chaos that travels with you wherever you go. Coffee is your gasoline. You run hard and fast but as soon as that mug is empty you are going to crash hard – that is, until the next pot of coffee is brewed.

Mug Personality Number Two: The Travel Mug

Commuting is a drag and caffeine is vital to get your day started. You spend virtually every second of the day in meetings that could’ve been emails while attacking the ever-growing mountain pile of work on your desk. But through all the hectic moments, everything is alright because coffee is always there for you, it picks you up when you’re down, and most importantly, is there to keep you company wherever you go, even if it’s a little cold sometimes. If that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is.

Mug Personality Number Three: The High-Tech Mug

You are obsessed with gadgets and serious about coffee. A high-tech coffeemaker is probably sitting on your counter as you’re reading this. Why are more people not making use of this cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to keep their drinks hot for hours and make their lives easier? The only thing you love more than your miraculous self-heating mug is presenting to everyone around you why it will change them forever.

Mug Personality Number Four: The Wacky Mug

Are you burned out? You don’t hate your job, but there are parts of it that drive you up the wall. Life is on autopilot. However, what gets you through the day is the fun interactions you have with your co-workers in between tasks, and your favorite beverage in your wacky little mug. Whether it tells a joke on it or features a print of your favorite meme, it shows that you’re a well-liked, easy-going fella who doesn’t take life too seriously. There are so many things you’d like to say out loud but don’t because you don’t know if these people can take your jokes.

Why Choose You Apparel?

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October 27, 2021 — Alex Melen